Kicking Cancer- Naturally Fighting Back

When parents are given the news that their precious child is diagnosed with cancer,

lives go into complete turmoil and families enter into an emotional wasteland. Season Johnson shares her story of her navigation of the medical intervention she took with her son Kicker. Instead of just following western medical advice and therapy, she integrated deep nutrition with GUT Biome protecting immune strengthening foods. This combination of combined conventional western medicine, with nutrition kept their son healthy all throughout cancer treatment. When other children become immune compromised with chemotherapy, Kicker thrived through chemo and is now a normal and very healthy child. Doctors had told the family to expect many hospitalizations during chemo due to illness from infection. Kicker was never once hospitalized for immune compromise or illness during his chemo years.  Season shows families facing this complex and difficult time how to integrate protection of the GUT biome while treating and eliminating cancer.



Kicking Cancer- An integrated approach using the best of western medicine along with GUT Biome  protective nutrition


March 15, 2018


Mark McAfee
Season Johnson



What this accomplished:



Season healed her son and protected him from the whole body side effects of chemotherapy. Little Kicker fully recovered from cancer and at the same time retained his health and never became ill during treatment.



Season established the Kickcancer Foundation to help other families facing a cancer diagnosis in their children.



Bone broth, raw milk Kefir, eggs, raw butter, avocados, essential oils, other deep nutrition and GUT Biome protective foods are utilized to protect the body’s natural ability to fight infection. This protocol is pared in a complimentary regimen right along with effective chemotherapy.