Crohn's Disease- Naturally Fighting Back

Crohn's Disease affects hundreds of thousands of people per year...

as a result and tragically, drugs with cancer as a known side effect and more than 130,000 colostomy surgeries are performed every year just in the USA to treat these illnesses. Listen to Tara as she shares how she refused to have the surgery and instead used gut biome rebuilding foods to conquer and completely recover and heal from this disease. After six months of deep nutrition she was no longer on heavy drugs and was medication free! More importantly, she was happy, pain free and healthy! She proved her doctors completely wrong!



Crohn's Disease- Using food to heal her gut biome and fully recover from this painful and debilitating disease


November 15, 2017


Mark McAfee
Tara Rosas


If you are suffering from any of the chronic gut biome disorders including; Crohn’s, colitis, IBS or Ciliac disease, there is hope and there is promise of complete recovery. Unfortunately, doctors have not been trained in nutrition and do not yet understand gut biome inflammation. In fact most colitis and Crohn’s medical websites say these three things;

1. There is no cure.

2. There is no identified cause.

3. Food does not help and foods don’t matter!

Sadly, the so-called medical experts are completely wrong on all three points and do a great disservice to patients that are desperately seeking help!  It is almost as if the medical experts and doctors are playing into the hands of the pharmaceutical sales departments when they say that that only drugs will help and surgeries are the end game to heal. Those are not accurate statements and lead to great pain, great cost and terrible outcomes.


What this accomplished:



Tara identified a diet that healed her leaking inflamed ulcerated gut tissues and restored not only the tissues but the GUT biome to complete health. She had help from nutritional experts that knew how to use foods but most importantly, it was Tara and her will to live and recover!



The protocols she used included the use of good fat and collagen rich bone broths, raw milk Kefir, eggs, fermented vegetables and other whole foods that supply the gut with probiotic bacteria and the food to feed those diverse bacteria. After all, the very reason that the gut becomes inflamed is the loss of the biome! When the biome is lost, inflammation becomes rampant and gut tissues become highly inflamed. The causes of biome loss are; antibiotic use, highly processed foods, preservatives (they kill off bacteria required for biome genomic function) with stress and genetic origins adding to the mix.



One of the most important healing elements that Tara identified was the "WILL to HEAL" and not give up. When the going gets rough, you must persevere. That sticking to the plan works, but you must stick to the plan and never give up. Tara came just weeks away from having surgery to remove inflamed sections of her bowels. Instead she chose food as medicine and fully recovered. She refused to live a life with Humera, 6MP and or Remicade and other chemo like drugs. These drugs have known side effect of causing cancer. Tara chose food as a tool and with an attitude experienced healing and recovery!  Her story is a story of hope fulfilled and a promise for a long healthy life.