People to People

Farmers over Pharmacies interviews common people that have used whole food nutrition to reverse and heal themselves from modern medical problems. These stories are profoundly important and provide a guide for others about how food can become medicine for chronic diseases. Illness is very scary. When people are scared it is hard to consider options and ideas. See your doctor first, and then when things have settled down, come see Farmers over Pharmacies so you don’t repeat the process of going back to the doctor over and over again for more and more medications and or surgeries.

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A great example is Tara Rosas, she was weeks from having a colostomy, but she returned to perfect health with no drugs and their side effects in a few months. Nearly 1 million Americans have Crohn's or IBS and more than 130,000 colostomies’ are performed every year. The contrast is dramatic and the choices are stark. Bone broth, whole food and raw milk Kefir verses chemo drugs, pain and surgery to remove your bowel and colostomy?   Farmers over Pharmacies explains this recovery process using the best of modern genomic research and other studies to answer how and why healing occurs and how modern medical therapies are not sustainable for the patient and not economically affordable for society.

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When whole foods are consumed, it is the farm and not the pharmacy that becomes essential to medical care. Our best medical care system will include the best of modern medicine with full recognition and integration of nutrition. This will reduce cost, increase strength in our society and support farmers as an essential and highly cost effective part of our health care system.