Naturally Increasing Breast Milk Supply

Kaleigh came across a very common problem

when she returned to work after maternity leave and wasn't able to breastfeed as often. With some logical and deductive thinking, she quickly turned around her lactation and was back to a full supply. More Raw Milk In.... might equal Raw Milk Out! It worked in just a couple of days and the results were outstanding. Kaleigh shares her story of immediate increase in her breast milk protection.



Naturally Increasing Breast Milk Supply  More Raw Milk IN, equals More raw milk OUT!


December, 11 2017


Mark McAfee
Kaleigh Lutz


Mothers in the USA and other first world countries are often faced with a real challenge. Not enough time to breast-feed their babies and the need to return to work. Kaleigh was faced with this challenge and could not produce enough breast milk to be able to pump and store it for her hungry son Justin. After scouring the Internet for ideas, making teas and taking herbal supplements', nothing seemed to work. Still not enough breast milk. Kaleigh was frustrated and little Justin was hungry. Kaleigh thought about this and innovated a every effective solution. Perhaps more raw milk consumed would boost her production. In 48 hours her production was more than enough and she was able to easily pump and build her reserves for feeding little Justin. More raw milk IN..... boosted more raw milk OUT!


What this accomplished:



Kaleigh was able to discover a nutritional solution in order to produce more breast milk. This is a common challenge for working moms that need to pump and/or return to work outside the home. Other moms have tried this approach with great success. It makes sense. When your body makes breast milk it requires all of the things found in raw milk. The match is perfect and everyone is well nourished and very happy.



Raw milk in equals more raw milk out!



Raw milk provides a whole food nutrition not found in any other foods. We must all remember that raw milk is the first food of life. It is the first food that all mammals consume at birth. It is not just nutrition, for humans it is an immune system transfer mechanism between mom and baby. When babies are born they have an immature immune system and breast milk deliveries a huge protective gift of health by building an immune system when none existed before.  Raw milk consumed by either the baby or the mom provides more than nutrition. It provides immune elements, vitamins, growth hormones, good fats, proteins, bacteria, minerals, enzymes, all active and in perfect balance. A balance that only nature and a million years of evolution could provide.  Heat and/or processing destroy or change these vital elements. Only raw milk works like raw milk!