Processed Milk Allergy - Raw Solution

Mark McAfee interviews the Morro Family in Southern California I went to interview the Morro family in Los Angeles about their daughter Jacelin and the severe anaphylactic reaction she had after drinking organic pasteurized milk. After they switched to organic, whole, grass-fed raw milk their daughter made a 100% recovery and never had any allergy to milk again. Her story is just like so many kids with an allergic reaction to processed milk. The Morro Family turned to processed organic milk after breastfeeding their daughter thinking it was the next step and best choice. After a very short time, their daughter ended up in the Emergency Room with a severe milk allergy reaction. With a swollen face, hives with red skin and difficulty breathing, she needed emergency treatment for severe anaphylaxis including epinephrine, Benadryl and steroids. It was clear that she had an allergic reaction to pasteurized milk even though it was organic. She now loves her organic RAW milk and so does her family. Dad drinks it all the time and loves the taste.



Pasteurized Milk Allergy-Raw Solution


August 3, 2018


Mark McAfee
Morro Family



What this accomplished:



Pasteurized dairy products are listed as the most allergenic foods in America.



Raw dairy products are not allergic. Consumption of raw milk has been found in large studies in the EU to be excellent in the treatment and prevention of allergies and asthma .



Raw dairy products contain raw whey proteins that stabilize MAST cells and inhibit the release of histamines. Raw dairy contains similar living and un-denatured elements found in human breast milk. If your child has dairy allergies, try raw dairy, Joscelins story really shows the great difference.