Raw milk Kefir rescues an 84 year old grandma from severe and chronic pain!

Marlene did everything her doctor told her to do. She took all the tests and went back to the doctor time and time again but none of the visits could identify why she had continuous and severe abdominal pain. She had colonoscopies, ultra sounds, blood tests, and visit after visit with answers and no change. The pain was so bad she could not sleep at night. The pain pills that the doctors gave her just gave her constipation and made the pain even worse requiring that she take more pain pills. It was not going well and she was in pain all the time. Month after month, no relief from chronic abdominal pain and the doctors could not tell her what was wrong! 

Marlene met Robert at Ramona Family Naturals. They sell organic health foods in Ramona California. Robert took one look at Marlene, heard her story and led her over to the organic raw milk Kefir isle and said…starting drinking this, it is really good for gut inflammation and all sorts of gut problems. In three days, Marlene had no more pain and she was sleeping all night long. She was literally jumping for joy! No more pain or pain pills and no more constipation.



Severe Pain- Natural Raw Kefir for Inflammation


April 2, 2019


Mark McAfee

Marlene Robershaw

Robert Bradly with Ramona Family Naturals