A Farmer With A Mission

Dedicated to the compassionate application of these sage truths for all humanity. I believe that doctors must have an expanded toolbox that includes food as a preventative and healing part of their practice if the future of medicine is going to be affordable and or sustainable. I believe that consumers are entitled to know and embrace their options when it comes to food as a healing and preventative part of medicine.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


“Farmers over Pharmacies” is dedicated to reconnecting food to medicine. Hippocrates said three important things over 2500 years ago:

  • “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

  • “All disease begins in the gut.”

  • “Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm.”


farmers over pharmacies

Farmers over Pharmacies believes that whole food nutrition is the basis for strong immune systems that then prevent disease. Unfortunately, modern doctors rely heavily on antibiotics, medications and surgeries to treat with little concept of prevention or strong immunity. The outcomes are dismal and human costs are high. When a doctor suggests that a chemo drug and or a colostomy is the best intervention for chronic gut inflammation that is tragic with the cost paid by real people. We know better!

human gut

With the discovery of the human genome by the DOE (United States Department of Energy) and collaborating universities in 2003, the pathway to how nutrition prevents disease was revealed.  In summary, it is food that creates the gut biome and it is food that feeds the vast and diverse populations of gut biome bacteria.  The gut biome drives immunity and the regulation of inflammation. With human genomic bacteria as the basis for 98% of our genetic bandwidth, it is no wonder that we are in a health crisis. Bacterial DNA and inter-cellular level communications between human cells and bacterial cells runs our bodies!  When the gut biome is neglected, illness becomes rampant and inflammation is unchecked.   

Nearly all of the therapies utilized in modern medicine are gut biome destructive: Chemo drugs like Remacade and  Humira, cortico-steroids, Anti-biotics, anti-acids, sugar rich foods, diet drink chemicals, highly processed and shelf stable sterilized foods, GMOs, use of Roundup, all contribute to immune suppression and gut biome destruction. One look at ancestral diets tells us all we need to know about how this all went so wrong. All ancestral foods were whole foods and preserved by fermentation. These are the foods that build Gut biome strength and biodiversity. 


Mark McAfee’s story and why Farmers over Pharmacies was born: After graduating high school Mark worked as a commercial welder in a mine in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. While at the mine Mark witnessed an EMS medical helicopter land and deliver a skilled paramedic and nurse wearing orange jump suits who worked to save the life of a injured co-worker.  The image of the swirling turbine powered blades on the Bell Jet ranger 206 and the efficient and professional manner of the EMS team left a deep impression on the 18-year-old farm boy's impressionable mind and spirit. 

At the conclusion of his employment at the mine Mark determined to pursue medical training eventually graduating valedictorian of his 2000 hour VMC EMSTOW EMT-P paramedic course in 1982 with Fresno County EMS cert. number 82-155. That was the beginning of 16 years of paramedic medicine complete with 15,000 EMS calls and a deep lesson of applied humanity and compassion. Mark served on helicopters, the Fresno County STAR rescue team, high angle rescue swift water rescue, paramedic instructor, paramedic preceptor and he held every known pre hospital certification that was available in the 1980-1990s including: ACLS, ATLS, PALS, PTLS, ACLS Instructor trainer, helicopter medical attendant certs, and others. He was also a paramedic recruiter, a pilot and EMS system operations manager for a $30 million dollar EMS contractor.

This all came to an end in 1996 when his grandparents passed away leaving 1000 acres of prime agricultural land for the McAfee brothers to farm. Mark was the only one of the four brothers that was interested in the change of profession and that is when the venture into organic farming and organic dairy all began. Having grown up on a family dairy in the 1960s, Mark restarted the dairy fires as an organic dairyman, which quickly became a raw organic dairyman with the close of Alta Dena raw milk in May of 1999. Being the closest organic dairy to Los Angeles, Alta Dena customers started arriving at the dairy begging for raw milk. They wanted organic raw milk and Mark listened.  Mark capitalized on his medical background and his ability to listen to consumers just as he had listened to thousands of patients during his EMS career. They wanted raw milk and they wanted it from organic dairy cows on pastures and they even explained why raw was important. This became the model.

In 2018, Mark McAfee’s son and daughter took a more active role in the management of the raw milk dairy, which allowed Farmers over Pharmacies to be born. Mark can now speak freely as a personal brand, share real stories from real people, and reconnect food to medicine (his original passion).